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Opening day falls on the Monday of the Labour Day weekend each fall. Players must bring the following information with them: Provincial Health Care Number, Social Insurance Number, local address and phone number (in Lethbridge), home address and phone number. Players must be in proper baseball attire as this is the first day of practice as well. This will take place at Lloyd Nolan Yard in Lethbridge, located at 545 6th Ave. North


FEES:  Fall fees: $3300 + GST (must be paid in full on Opening Day).
Spring fees: $2,000 Varsity; $1,500 Junior Varsity; $500 Red Shirt (Scholarships are available for spring fees)


HOUSING: Each player is responsible for finding their own housing and it is suggested that since Lethbridge is a college/university city this be looked into early in the summer as these accommodations do fill up. Average housing costs are around $500 per month.


Students will be required to be bona fide full-time students at either Lethbridge College OR the University of Lethbridge. Should any player need help to get registered, they are asked to contact our staff at 403-320-1302 or

Tuition costs at the Lethbridge College are $100 per credit hour and at the University of Lethbridge, approximately $550-600 per course ($2000 to $3000 per semester). Living expenses in Lethbridge are reasonable, the average cost per school year being a maximum of $6500. Less expensive arrangements can be made, with the cost of shared apartment accommodation being $400- $500 per month. Room and board costs are usually around $500 per month.

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